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Facebook: friend or foe to journalists?INTL

Facebook: friend or foe to journalists?

Facebook (FB) announced plans to launch a new platform that is meant to “empower” journalists and independent writers. The platform will help users build websites and subscription newsletters, hence allowing them to capitalize on their own work. And it looks like this will all come to life sooner rather than later — product testing will start soon in the US with a small group of creators.

The decision follows a very public beef between the Silicon Valley giant and the Australian government over a recent law that requires online platforms to pay for news content created by users. In fact, this week, Facebook gave in and struck a three-year deal with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp Australia to pay for its news content.

why it matters
Facebook is not the only tech giant trying to diversify its business by entering the self-publishing sphere (which has been preferred by writers lately as they stray away from ad-reliant business models). Last January, Twitter bought Revue, a startup that allows writers to self-publish paid newsletters.