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Etisalat knows when that hotline bling…MENA

Etisalat knows when that hotline bling…

Etisalat’s gotten jacked – its net profit in Q3 reached AED 2.4b ($653.5m), a 1% increase when compared to Q3 2020, powered by an aggregate subscriber base of 155.4 million (out of which UAE accounts for 12 million).

The 2.8% increase in revenue in 2021, amounting to AED 39.73b ($10.8b), is powered by Etisalat’s investments in AI and robotics, 6G, and the creation of the UAE’s largest data center provider. Hatem Dowidar, CEO of Etisalat Group, promises continued focus on delivering the next generation of technologies powered by AI and robotics.

why it matters

Who doesn't like a strong earnings report? With Etisalat on fire, the telecom industry is clearly riding a high.