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Epic Games takes its Apple Store battle to EuropeINTL

Epic Games takes its Apple Store battle to Europe

Clearly we can’t get enough of tech giants vs political institutions, so we’re back! This time in Europe…

Epic Games has taken its fight against Apple’s App Store rules to the European Union, where it filed a complaint with the trade bloc’s antitrust regulators.

Epic seeks the help of EU competition authorities in imposing remedies against “monopoly channels”. In a blog post published yesterday, the creators of Fortnite stated the battle continues for “fairer digital platform practices for developers and consumers”, highlighting the lack of choice in competition.

why it matters
According to Epic Games, Apple is able to “harm and eliminate competition in app distribution and payment processes.” EU laws cover the breadth of 27 different countries in Europe; that means the countries are unable to challenge the anti-competitive restrictions without the ruling of the European courts. Only time will tell what the gavel rules.