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Endeavor hits the podium at the OlympicsINTL

Endeavor hits the podium at the Olympics

Sports lovers, keep your eyes open for Endeavor Group Holdings (EDR) — just weeks after its IPO debut, it has already earned a gold client: the Olympic Games.

Kicking the engagement off at the Paris games in 2024, Endeavour will sell hospitality packages to fans, spoiling them with concierge support such as on-call guest services, transportation arrangements, and dining bookings.

Endeavour already provides these services for the Super Bowl and the PGA Championship, but securing the Olympics gig means access to hundreds of thousands of new customers who’ll be on the move as tourists at one of the largest sporting events in the world. Basically, they’ve won their equivalent of the 100-meter race!

why it matters
The pandemic has been no fun for Endeavor, which built much of its business around live shows. But now with more and more public events back on (including the 2020 Olympic Games next month in Tokyo), the company has a brighter future ahead of it.