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Could you grab a bit of Grab on the markets this year?INTL

Could you grab a bit of Grab on the markets this year?

Keen to grab some hot stocks? Then grab this opportunity because Grab is considering making its US debut this year. (There were many puns to be made with the word grab, we just had to get a couple out of our system before carrying on!)

Southeast Asian darling Grab, a ride-hailing, food delivery, and financial services company (what don’t they do?!), is dipping its toes in American waters with an IPO that could raise at least $2b, according to a Reuters report. This would make it the largest foreign share issuance by a Southeast company.

why it matters
Grab is a great example of how a mobility and FinTech combo can create a successful combo. The brand, much like its peer, Uber, has grown rapidly in the last few years, managing to divert a massive COVID impact due to the flexibility of its services. It may be worthwhile for other tech startups to take a queue from Grab and consider diversifying its services.