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Coinbase is worth $100b!INTL

Coinbase is worth $100b!

The biggest tech market shake-up in years is underway and Mark Zuckerberg is not ready for it (and neither are we, to be honest).

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase was reportedly just valued at over $100b in the private markets as it gears up for what could potentially be the highest-valued tech IPO since Facebook (FB) back in 2012.

Coinbase has been releasing some of its private shares on the Nasdaq Private Markets as a way to tease investors and bag in funding ahead of their public listing (which is rumored to happen in early March – fingers crossed!). According to Axios, the shares were being sold at $373 each on Friday.

why it matters
The crypto market is a tricky one precisely because of its volatility. For instance, bitcoin has managed to hit all-time record values and proceed to stumble over 20% in the past two weeks alone. But, Coinbase’s IPO may just push crypto-assets into the mainstream once and for all.