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Clubhouse getting acquired already?!INTL

Clubhouse getting acquired already?!

Are you sitting down for this piece of gossip? ‘Cause it’s big! Twitter (TWTR) was in talks to buy fellow social media platform Clubhouse, and was willing to pay $4b for the deal! However, according to Bloomberg, the duo recently called it quits, though the juicy reasons were not disclosed.

Supposedly, Clubhouse was in the market looking to complete a new funding round that would shoot its valuation up to $4b. But, it must have scrapped that plan since we now know it’s been DM’ing Twitter for something more long-term instead.

But, whatever happened to Twitter’s own plans to launch an audio chatroom platform, you may ask? Sorry, Spaces, looks like Twitter has some wandering eyes there!

why it matters
Clubhouse has undeniably been one of the biggest tech successes of the last year, and Twitter isn’t the only one after its market – Facebook is currently testing Hotline, a Q&A feature that looks like a mix between Clubhouse and Instagram Live.