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Chaos in the capital, Washington, D.C.INTL

Chaos in the capital, Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. witnessed crazy scenes as a mob dominated security and took control of the Capitol before violence ensued and protesters were forced to leave. Even more bizarrely, Wall Street did not even blink an eyelid to the whole chaotic situation. Usually, any political upheaval is met with caution, but the lack of any knee-jerk reactions signals that the investors see this rioting as more of a blip than an indicator of long-term chaos.

After reconvening, Congress ratified Biden’s presidential victory and denounced most objections to his triumph. The whole situation may even be referred to as the storm before the calm.

why it matters
Wall Street has weathered great turbulence over the last two years, and seems to be unphased by anything short of Armageddon made real. The Democrats' win in the Georgia senate run-off elections signals a smooth and stable presidency for the Biden administration. All in all, Wall Street is looking to the future.