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Carrefour and IBM play food detectiveMENA

Carrefour and IBM play food detective

The Carrefour franchise in MENA, which is owned by Emirati holding company Majid Al Futtaim, has joined IBM Food Trust, a blockchain-enabled platform run on IBM Cloud, in an initiative to increase food traceability and allow for greater transparency between the supermarket chain and its customers.

We’ve all watched enough Cowspiracy-style documentaries to know that transparency allows people to make more conscious shopping decisions. 

So how exactly will this work? Supermarket-goers in the UAE will be able to scan a QR code on certain products using their smartphones, and voilá! Important farm-to-shelf data (such as production process, halal certifications, and nutrition information, to name a few) will be available at shoppers’ fingertips.

why it matters
Food traceability is becoming increasingly important to customers in this day and age. It’s initiatives like these that will contribute to customer safety and brand loyalty, as well as set the right example for the rest of the industry.