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BlackRock and Vanguard make Captain Planet proudINTL

BlackRock and Vanguard make Captain Planet proud

By BlackRock’s and Vanguard’s powers combined (well, and 43 others) here comes Captain Planet!

Actually, it’s some of the world’s largest asset managers that have come together to make the world a better place. BlackRock, Vanguard, and fellow investment managers are committing to cut their portfolios’ net greenhouse gas emissions to zilch, zip, nada. The Net Zero Asset Managers pledge to limit global warming by having all the members’ holdings (that’s $22.8t of assets altogether) hit a zero-emission target by 2050.

After all, climate change will not just impact the environment, but corporations and stock markets too. GO PLANET!

why it matters
Big financial players aren’t particularly known for their benevolence. as individuals and institutions all around the world shift their priorities to sustainability, it’s great to see that Wall Street et all are catching up to the trend.