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Autonomous driving is coming to SaudiMENA

Autonomous driving is coming to Saudi

Saudi’s roads will soon be getting fast and furious now that the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) has announced its first insurance product for autonomous vehicles. This is a big win for the EV industry, especially if the underwriting insurance process would create an incentive for people to drive more eco-friendly cars. Not to mention, this is a win towards encouraging the regional insurance industry to be more woke.

We’d have to wait to see just how safely we can drift in an EV car with a robot at the wheels — if Tesla’s (TSLA) recent recalls are anything to go by, we may have to wait just a liiiiiitle bit longer.

why it matters

Considering the recent promising EV companies news (we're talking about Tesla’s stellar Q3 earnings and Rivian’s massive IPO), this move from SAMA indicates that regional regulators are putting their disruption hats on too.