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Automate your meme stock gains with BUZZINTL

Automate your meme stock gains with BUZZ

Can’t keep up with the rise and fall of meme stocks? Neither can we. For those of us who don’t have the time to monitor Reddit for investment opportunities, there is now a solution. A new exchange traded fund called BUZZ began trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

The aptly named ETF tracks an index that ranks the top 75 stocks that show the highest degree of “positive investor sentiment” — which will be gauged by an algorithm that monitors more than 15 million online posts aggregated from social media, news reports, and blogs.  

In fact, the BUZZ NextGen AI U.S. Sentiment Leaders Index, the index that the BUZZ ETF tracks, is up more than 78% in the past year.

why it matters
Social sentiment has become a legitimate driver of stock movements in recent years (who could forget all the GameStop drama earlier this year) as social media platforms have connected investors around the world like never before. So, it only makes sense to capitalize on the opportunity — with a diversified approach, of course.