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At $308.5m, Apple probably regrets that infringementINTL

At $308.5m, Apple probably regrets that infringement

It seems like we have even more misdoings to report today! Apple (AAPL) is in the hot seat after a Texas federal jury decided that the tech giant infringed against a patent related to digital rights management owned by Personalized Media Communications. The decision means that Apple must pay the claimant $308.5m.

Personalized Media claimed Apple infringed on its patented FairPlay technology, which Apple uses for the distribution of encrypted content from its iTunes App Store and Apple Music applications.

An industry expert involved in the litigation calculated that Apple owed Personalized Media $240m in royalties. After five days of proceedings, the jury decided that Apple must pay Personalized Media that amount and then some for the trouble.

why it matters
Apple isn't one to roll over so easily and vowed to appeal the ruling. In a statement, the company said that "cases like this, brought by companies that don't make or sell any products, stifle innovation and ultimately harm consumers" — burn!