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Apple’s latest show and tellINTL

Apple’s latest show and tell

Tim Cook unveiled a series of new and upgraded products at Apple’s (AAPL) highly-anticipated first launch of the year, the Spring Loaded Event. During the event, the $29 traceable AirTag, a Bluetooth signal-emitting device that helps find tagged objects more easily, was launched — and we can’t stop hoping that lost car keys will be a thing of the past very soon!

The tech behemoth also announced a newly-improved iMac model, available in a bunch of colors, and the super-powerful tablet iPad Pro (all made with their in-house M1 chips). Apple also rolled out a paid podcast subscription feature as it attempts to compete with Spotify (SPOT).

why it matters
Despite the bombastic nature of Apple’s product launch, it seems like investors weren’t super impressed as its shares fell about 2% after the event.