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And the Academy Awards for Best Producer goes to… Neutrogena!INTL

And the Academy Awards for Best Producer goes to… Neutrogena!

Everyone’s fave drugstore skincare brand, Neutrogena, just opened its first studio to produce original content.

Neutrogena Studios’ goal is to educate consumers about all things skin-related. The studio is collaborating with the not-for-profit Ghetto Film School to enlist Gen Z talent in their original filmmaking efforts. It’s also collaborating with big-name celebs though — for example, its upcoming short documentary ‘In the Sun’ was produced by Hollywood’s Kerry Washington (who is also an ambassador for the brand).

The brand’s parent company, US conglomerate Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), saw a revenue decline across its skin, health, and beauty portfolio throughout the pandemic, which is slightly ironic considering the company has its own vaccine now.

why it matters
Neutrogena Studios will allow the brand to compete against its skincare rivals with fresh content and campaigns that are not dependent on ads and media outlets. This strategy works particularly well on social media, where brands like Nike (NIKE) have already tapped creating original, viral content to increase consumer engagement.