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Amazon, your next… hairdresser?!INTL

Amazon, your next… hairdresser?!

Fancy a trip to Amazon Salon? Don’t worry, you don’t have to get the Jeff Bezos haircut! Crazy as it sounds, the tech giant is indeed opening a hair salon in London’s Spitalfields Market, where it plans to test augmented reality (AR) and other new retail technologies.

The salon will include “point-and-learn” technology, in which customers can point to a product on a shelf and get all its info on a display screen or even buy the product (a QR code will link them straight to Amazon.co.uk). The extent of the AR tech is pretty cool too — customers will be able to virtually try on different hair colors before deciding on a final look. No more excuses for choosing those blond highlights!

However, it’s not yet clear if Amazon (AMZN) intends on setting up its own salon business or if it just wants to test the technology to then sell to retail clients in the future (it’s looking more like the latter).

why it matters
This is not Amazon’s first venture in the retail business, having already invested in cashier-less grocery stores. Besides, even if Amazon Salon is just an “experiential venue,” the company will benefit from gathering customer data about retail technologies.