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Al Maryah Community Bank’s dream teamMENA

Al Maryah Community Bank’s dream team

Al Maryah Community Bank, the UAE’s first fully integrated digital bank, announced over the weekend it has finished assembling a dream team of some of the country’s best and brightest to work together on the bank’s founding committee.

The newly formed founding committee will help to formulate and put into place Al Maryah Community Bank’s vision and plan for revolutionizing the UAE’s banking industry. Al Maryah is banking on technology to become the UAE’s leading financial services provider while simultaneously supporting the local community, empowering employees, and delivering a competitive return for shareholders.

Tariq Ahmed Al-Masoud will chair Al Maryah’s founding committee. The committee will work to help the digital bank achieve its mission of offering individuals and small businesses “smart banking services built on artificial intelligence (AI) powered technology integrated with UAE Government’s Smart Services.”

why it matters
Al Maryah Community Bank is a fintech pioneer in not just the UAE but the MENA region as a whole. Between the support of the government and the collective brainpower of the founding committee, the bank is on its way to being a model for the future of banking.