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Abu Dhabi Aviation Co expands chopper opsMENA

Abu Dhabi Aviation Co expands chopper ops

The Abu Dhabi Aviation Company (ADA) is diving into a mysterious venture and we are super curious to know more!

The commercial helicopter operator announced its board approved plans to expand via an acquisition and/or merger deal (place your bets!). However, that’s as much as we’re getting from their side now.

The Abu Dhabi Aviation Co. may be the largest operator of its kind in the Middle East, but the pandemic spared no one. The UAE-based company recently reported bleak earnings for the first nine months of 2020, including a net profit decrease of 49% to AED 158.7m (around $43m).

why it matters
Companies in the region have had to diversify, consolidate, and acquire others to strengthen their post-coronavirus financial sheets (eg Almarai's recent investment in Bakemart). So, it's not surprising that ADA is opting for a similar route, especially given its recent, grim earnings.