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About that Apple event INTL

About that Apple event 

Apple (AAPL) didn’t fail to meet expectations with the release of new AirPods and MacBook Pros at its big hardware event on Monday. The event was titled “Unleash” — which makes sense considering that Apple’s new MacBook Pros will feature M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, making the new laptops much faster than the older ones that use regular Intel chips. The new models will also bring back the HDMI port so that all of you Apple users won’t have any excuses when you forget your adapter at home. 

On the music front, Apple released the third generation of its iconic AirPods. Besides exhibiting a brand new design, AirPods 3 will feature spatial audio and longer battery life (no more cutting your gym session short ’cause your battery is dead). In addition, the AirPods 3 case will charge magnetically thanks to Apple’s magnetic charger Magsafe.

Apple also cares about the aesthetics of your home, and that’s why you will now be able to purchase the HomePod Mini speaker in a variety of different colors instead of the dull black and white options. And lastly, Apple introduced the $4.99 Voice Plan for Apple Music. The difference with Apple Music’s existing plan is that the new Voice Plan will only be accessible through Siri, and it won’t support exclusive features such as spatial audio. So what’s the point, then? Well, Apple’s Voice Plan significantly undercuts Spotify (SPOT)’s Premium Membership, positioning itself as a serious threat to the Swedish company.        

why it matters

Apple's last mega event on September 13 was widely criticized for lacking powerful new technology to wow customers with the iPhone 13. However, Tim Cook hopes that the new chips and the spatial audio features will be enough to relaunch the company's faltering stock prices, which have fallen 9% in September.