last updated Aug 15, 2021

Giveaway T&C

Earn $50 stock, Giveaway Rules, Terms & Conditions

Giveaway Rules

The challenge is simple: invite all your friends!

Prize: Entrants entering this giveaway have the opportunity to earn $50 in free stock.

How to enter: To enter the competition, entrants are required to follow three steps:

    1. Subscribe to the waitlist on
    1. After subscribing, entrants are notified on their position on the waitlist and will receive a referral link. The entrants must forward or share the referral link directly or through the social buttons at the bottom of the page.
    1. After sharing the link, users who subscribe to the waitlist from the entrant’s referral links are counted as referrals.

The referral links are unique codes that track individual signups. The more friends you invite the more points you collect!

Prizes are awarded to the top three hundred users that generate the most points by the end of the waitlist.

The giveaway starts now and the winners will be announced by the end of the waitlist.

Terms and Conditions

  1. (“Baraka”), on March 8th, 2020 (“Give-away”).
  2. Summary of Give-away. The Give-away is open to any natural person who meets the eligibility criteria and pre-registers for the Baraka mobile trading application (the “Baraka App”) with their legal name and a working email address between March 8th 2020 to April 30th 2021 (“Give-away End Date”).

Once you pre-register we will share a referral code with you and enter you into our sweepstake. You may share your referral code with your friends and family. The more people you successfully refer and who correctly pre-register with us before the Give-away End Date, the more points you receive. Your standing and position in the Promotion will be recorded on our website during the Give-away (“Sweepstake Leader-Board”).

Shortly after the Give-away End Date, the 300 participants that have accumulated the most referral points (“Winning Participants”) will each be awarded up to USD $50 in value in any publicly listed US equity that is made available to you by us on the Baraka App as part of the Give-away (the “Stock Reward”), subject to the terms and conditions stated below.

  1. Eligibility. In order to be eligible for this Give-away you must be:

(a) 18 years or over in age; and
(b) a legal resident of a Gulf Co-operation Council country.

Employees, contractors, advisors, or persons associated with Baraka or a Baraka affiliate; members of their household; and employees of any securities regulatory organization or exchange are not eligible.

Baraka may decline requests to enroll in the Give-away at our sole discretion.

Baraka may further request that any participant provide documentary confirmation of their age, residency status, and physical address in form and substance satisfactory to Baraka at any time and in form and substance satisfactory to Baraka at any time and as a condition of confirming the participant’s eligibility.

  1. Shortly after the Give-away End Date, we will notify the Winning Participants of their having qualified and being eligible to receive the Stock Reward.
  2. A Winning Participant’s Stock Reward shall expire if a Winning Participant has not completed Baraka’s customer on-boarding (including Know Your Customer) requirements (“Customer Registration Requirements”) within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date on which the Baraka App goes live.
  3. The Stock Reward shall be credited to Winning Participants’ accounts on the Baraka App within fourteen (14) calendar days of the Winning Participant having completed the Customer Registration Requirements (in accordance with clause 5 above) and having selected the Stock Reward share or equity on the Baraka App (“Stock Reward Date”).
  4. The Stock Reward may be sold or encashed by a Winning Participant no earlier than one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days after the Stock Reward Date (“Stock Reward Encashment Date”) provided that the Winning Participant has maintained a minimum balance of USD $50 (in addition to the value of the Stock Reward) in their Baraka App customer account at all times between the Stock Reward Date and the Stock Reward Encashment Date.
  5. Neither identification or receipt of a Stock Reward through this Give-away constitutes (a) investment advice or (b) a solicitation of of any security or recommendation in connection with the purchase or sale of such security.
  6. You acknowledge and accept that the value of the Stock Reward is likely to change between the Stock Reward Date and the Stock Encashment Date and Baraka shall not be liable to you for any loss of value of the Stock Reward between such dates.
  7. This Give-away is limited to one entry per individual or enrolled Baraka App customer. Any offer contained herein including but not limited to the Reward Stock is not transferable or saleable to any third party or valid in conjunction with any other offer we make or run.
  8. We reserve the right to change the Give-away terms or terminate the Give-away at any time without notice. You expressly acknowledge and accept that you shall have no liability or recourse whatsoever against us, or any legal entity or member of the Baraka group, in respect of our amendment or termination of the Give-away.
  9. You shall be solely liable for any tax obligations arising out of your receipt and/or sale of a Stock Reward. Please consult with a tax advisor if you are unclear as to the tax treatment of this Give-away or any tax implications associated with the receipt of the Stock Reward.
  10. From time to time during the Give-away we may maintain the Sweepstake Leader-Board, the purpose of which is to record how many referrals leading participants have made during the course of the Give-away. We make no representations or warranties or provide any undertakings whatsoever as to the accuracy of the information posted by us on the Sweepstake Ladder at any time.
  11. We reserve the right to disqualify an applicant, including a Winning Participant, at any time if in our sole discretion we determine that such person has acted fraudulently or dishonestly in any way and at any time during the Give-away. We reserve the right to cancel (without any obligation to compensate) the award of any Reward Stock made to a Winning Participant in the course of this Give-away if we determine, in our sole discretion, that such person has participated fraudulently or with any intention to defraud us.
  12. Any data we collect and store from you in connection with the Give-away shall be held by us in compliance with the Dubai International Financial Centre’s legislative and regulatory data protection framework.