What is baraka?

baraka is a UAE-based investing application on a mission to connect young, millennial investors to regional and international investment opportunities through a vibrant and transparent open investing ecosystem.

How does baraka make money?

Baraka is the first application to bring commission-free investing to the GCC region. By doing so, we’re empowering you to make more dynamic investment decisions based on the fast-moving nature of the financial markets.

Upon hearing “commission-free”, one of the first questions users ask is “how do you make money?”

We currently operate a freemium business model: the general investment account offers you free unlimited trading on over 4500 securities including ETFs, a messenger app for you to interact with the baraka community, the academy as well as insights. This will remain free forever.

You can, however, opt to try out our premium subscription – this will bring you up to date market analysis, stock reports and instant updates for AED 27.99 monthly or 279.99 yearly.

Is the baraka app free to use?

The baraka application is free to use. With baraka, you can invest in 4500+ US stocks, and exchange traded funds (ETFs) commission-free, meaning zero fees when you buy or sell stocks on baraka. Baraka does not have any funding fees, withdrawal fees or account management fees.

With baraka, you can expect complete transparency and no hidden fees or charges.

Should you require additional insight into market movements, you can opt for a premium subscription. This will provide you with up to second market data, news and alerts from Refinitiv.

What are the multiple account types on baraka?

There are currently 2 tiers of accounts on baraka. The free general investment account provides you with all the tools you need to invest commission-free – from 4500+ US stocks and exchange traded funds, portfolio and watchlist views, and academy for investment learning, to news and insights.

You can elect to advance to the premium tier, which will unlock access to up-to-the-minute analysis, insights, stock alerts and much more, powered by data from Refinitiv.