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Welcome to the creator economy

Financial literacy is essential for any member of society, or for anyone making a valuable contribution to our economy. From understanding how to make, save, and spend money, to avoiding debt while planning for the future, the world of personal finance is firmly entrenched into every aspect of our lives – or at least, it should be. Understanding this world and being equipped with the tools required for us to make better financial decisions is now more important than ever.

Topics such as the stock market, Metaverse, NFTs and whatever new cryptocurrency is trending, are likely featuring more frequently in your daily conversations – but how much of what’s being discussed do you actually understand?

Here’s where baraka comes in. We are building a dedicated community for our users that encourages a free-flow exchange of ideas about investing – from taking the first steps, to building a portfolio that matters to you. This is your opportunity to have your questions answered by other users who have faced and tackled the road to investing, while sharing your own insights on the latest market trends.

As a new feature on the Discover page of the baraka App, ‘Featured Creators’ is a platform for user-generated content from entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, influencers and anyone from the baraka community who has just embarked on their investment journey or has something they’d like to share. Through the medium of storytelling and opinion pieces, we’re hoping to make that journey a little less daunting (trust us, we’ve all been there).

In-app content will include exclusive insights, interviews, and articles related to investing, business, and popular culture in general. As a member, you can tap into the Featured Creators tab to view individual contributors’ profiles and associated content.

Stay tuned for our exclusive and personalized content, and make sure to check out any new and exciting updates on the Discover page.

If you have insights to share, we’d love to have you join us as a contributor – drop us an email on reachus@getbaraka.com with a brief outline of the topic you would like to cover!

Iman Haider
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