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Introducing baraka 2.0

We’ve got big news. We’ve levelled up and now we want to tell you the story behind our recent upgrade. 

When we started our journey, we had one goal: to create a bold, unique and empowering platform that would drive financial inclusion across the MENA region. This meant designing an app that facilitates access to thousands of US securities, help you develop the right skills to build a portfolio that works for you, and enable you to make your own investment decisions.

Though our vision has not changed, our brand and platform have evolved. Our first step was to ask you, our users, what mattered the most – and then, we delivered.

From start to finish, the new app provides users with a seamless investing journey. Upon opening the app, you will experience a more dynamic baraka, redefined. The new baraka is faster, slicker, simplified and easy to use, levelling the playing field for both experienced and beginner investors.

The baraka 2.0 features now available include:

  • A streamlined onboarding process that makes getting started even easier
  • In-depth insights into stock performance across 5,000+ securities on our platform
  • The option to create and structure your watchlist to monitor stocks before you buy
  • A more intuitive investment interface so you can buy stocks at the click of a button

Our infrastructure has also been redesigned to support a range of new products that we will be rolling out over the next few months.

You will soon have access to: 

  • Instant funding that allows you to top-up your baraka account straight from your debit card in less than a minute
  • Recurring investments set up to automatically to invest in stocks and ETFs on your schedule
  • Unlimited expiration dates and alternative order types offering flexibility in how you invest

This is just a preview of what’s to come. As your investment journey grows, we’ll be adding new features and tools that will help you manage your account more efficiently.  

Until then, we invite you to explore the fresh new baraka app, designed to capture the energy of what is possible when you empower yourself to invest confidently.

Iman Haider
2 min read